Toddler Glockenspiel

(2 customer reviews)

Item# HMX3008B

Eight multi-colored, precision tuned bars give any toddler room to make bright, colorful sounds. Inlcudes an attractive vinyl bag which can be used for storage and a child safe mallet.


2 reviews for Toddler Glockenspiel

  1. Carolee

    My grandson Dylan, age 13 months, loved his glockenspiel instantly on Christmas morning. The construction was sturdy and the tone was lovely.

  2. Caitlin

    My toddler and I saw this in the toy pile at a community resource centre today and despite there being no identifying markings on it, I was able to track it down so that I’ll be able to buy one. IT’S PERFECTLY IN TUNE. Do you know how long I’ve looked for a toddler glockenspiel/xylophone that’s ACTUALLY IN TUNE?!?!?

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