Wood Ukulele

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Item# HU212

All wood ukulele with real tropical sound. 21″ long with nato wood and nylon strings. Includes instruction book.


Instruction Book

CLICK  TO VIEW a PDF of the Ukulele Instruction Book

1 review for Wood Ukulele

  1. Linda Ebright

    I don’t know if you make these as good as you used to, but we’ve had one of these little ukuleles for about 18 years. It’s taken some beatings at the hands of my children over the years, but I just changed the strings last night on it and am so impressed by the sweet sound, and the fact that it is still around! So durable! One little tuning knob is a little lose, but still works perfectly fine. Other than that, it looks beautiful. EIGHTEEN YEARS, three children, and a hundred playmates later…

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